Weekly training

Weekly Training

This weekly programme is designed specifically for boys and girls aged between 4 to 14 years old. The purpose of this programme is to create a complete well-rounded football player. All training sessions are structured with fun activities and interactions to achieve the balance between the technical, physical and educational football skills according to the age and stage of development of each player. Each player will be provided individual feedback on their progress and how they can improve further. The final session of each term includes a football match where all players come to play together or friendly matches with another football academy. Each player will also have the opportunities to take photos with their team members and will be presented with a participation certificate.

  • DURATION: Term-Based
  • SESSIONS: Once per Week
  • LENGTH: 1 Hour

Holiday Camp

Holiday Camps / Summer Camps

Holiday camps / summer camps are customised programmes which are available during school holidays. There will be a minimum of 5 consecutive days of training sessions. Holiday camps / summer camps are suitable for boys and girls from 7 till 14 age groups. These holiday programmes are a fun way of expanding their football skills and knowledge. These holiday programmes need to be booked in advance and will be announced through our website and emails.

  • DURATION: During School Holidays
  • SESSIONS: 5 Days(To be announced through website and emails)

One on One

One to One Training

This is a customised series of one to one coaching and training sessions on an individual basis. The aim of this intensive programme is to accelerate the learning of essential football skills of the student to become a well-rounded football player. Each session is structured and developed according to the student’s needs and specific focus areas. The coach will provide individual feedback and challenge the student to develop new skills and reach new heights.

  • DURATION: On Request
  • SESSIONS: On Request
  • LENGTH: On Request

Birthday Events

Birthday Party

We can be part of your Birthday celebration! Invite us to your next birthday party. Our coaches will organise lots of games, competitions and activities especially for you and your friends. All you need to do is to share with us your preferred date, time and the number of children who will attend the party. We will design specific session to bring together the birthday girls/boys and their friends with loads of fun!

  • DURATION: On Request
  • SESSIONS: On Request
  • LENGTH: On Request

Other Customised events

Other Customized Events

We also cater for any customised event such as children team building, sports event or family day for corporate events. Share with us your preferred date, time and events. We can design specific sessions, activities or games suitable for your events.

  • DURATION: On Request
  • SESSIONS: On Request
  • LENGTH: On Request