Our Story and Philosophy

Champions Soccer Academy established in 2015 by two very good friends who are passionate about football and have the ambition to provide every opportunity to young players today to be part of this world’s most popular sport. The Academy is one of Dubai’s premier football training ground for young girls and boys to develop their football abilities, knowledge of the game and realise their dreams to become CHAMPIONS!

With our qualified and dedicated coaches, our programmes create fun and safe learning environment for young players. Students will be provided with the opportunities in developing their potentials and abilities for the game in every training session at their rate. Through our sessions, we are confident that our students will enjoy a transformative experience which includes self-discipline, courage, self-confidence, positive mindset, and interpersonal abilities while provides them with healthy and an athletic build. Our wish is to fulfil every child’s dream to become the best!

Come and join us! Our fun and affordable training sessions are available in the form of weekly training, one to one session, holiday camp, birthday party and other customised events. We cater for young girls and boys ages 4 to 14 from all level of abilities. Click here to find out more about our courses.

Our Coaches

Head Coach: Aurelian Ute

Head Coach: Aurelian Ute

An experienced and highly motivated UEFA certified coach with more than 10 years international level football (soccer experience). Successful track record as an experienced professional football player and football coach in developing young talent in the UAE and Europe. Proven abilities in managing football programmes, teaching valuable sporting skills to young children and teenage to improve and maintain a strong passion for football.

Professional Goalkeeping Coach: Frederic Roux

Professional Goalkeeping Coach: Frederic Roux

A creative, modern and enthusiastic FIFA certified goalkeeping coach who is passionate in young talent development. Successful track record as a professional goalkeeper for more than 280 matches in Europe’s football leagues. Proven abilities in coaching young players in the UAE and Europe with the focus on providing them with technical, tactical and mental skills required to play at a professional level.

Professional Coach: Shane Tolley

Professional Coach : Shane Tolley

An organised and well driven certified football coach with more than 10 years of a successful track record as a professional player in the UK. Experienced in coaching and motivating a large group of young children of differing ages with outstanding communication skills on and off the field. He is passionate at encouraging young players to always aim for the greatest achievement and working together as a team to increase the chances of success.

Professional Coach: Tomas Andrade

Professional Coach: Tomas Andrade

An aspiring young coach with vast of experience that brings out the Academy’s beliefs. With background as a professional player in Europe’s football leagues, he brings hands-on technical skills and knowledge of professional football to every coaching session he conducted. He is passionate about helping young players improving their football skills and help them to reach their highest potential.

coach Nnamdi Eluwah

Coach: Nnamdi Eluwah

A creative and enthusiastic football coach with passion in mentoring young children in realising their potentials in football. As a part-time coach, he supports and assists the Head Coach of the academy in managing football programmes and teaching valuable hands-on technical football skills to young children.

Location and Facilities


Al Sufouh Park (Al Sufouh Road)


Lake Park (Jumeirah Lakes Towers – JLT)


Jumeirah Model School (Al Wasl Road)


All Star Sport (Umm Suqiem Road)